Allen & Heath XB-114

Allen & Heath XB-114

Allen&Heath, a world-wide famous English sound mixer producer, is coming to front with XB-14 radio broadcasting mixer.

The mixer, which has 4 mono and 4 stereo inputs, one aux, one broadcast output, a stereo recording output; has also two TELCO channels in order to combine all radio requirements in one body. So by this way the telephone hybrids can directly enter the mixer. It is possible to add a “cough” button to the mono inputs of the mixer, which has 3 band equalizers in all mono inputs and in stereo and Telco inputs 2 band equalizers. That is, there is a possibility of remotely controllable MUTING for each microphone.

Computer sound transmission becomes much easier in both ways by adding also a USB connection. USB routing is possible with a PC and Mac-compatible connection.

It is possible that the server can use the mixer at the same time or the operator and the server can be in different rooms. That is, the mixer gathers all these features in a quite small area and in a compact body.

For more information please contact with Asimetrik as representative of the Allen § Heath or please visit manufacturer’s website :